The Story of the Abandoned Bison Calf - May 2019 - Yellowstone National Park

The Story of the Abandoned Bison Calf - May 2019 - Yellowstone National Park

Sir Mark Frederick McKinney

5 months
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We have all heard about the story of the lone bison calf being loaded into a car and delivered to the Rangers' station. Well on a cold May morning at 6 am we found an abandoned newborn bison calf along the road. Would the cow give up on him as we have seen with others or would she return and find him? It is proof of these cows devotion to their young and to just leave them be and watch.

We had seen many coyotes in the area along the river that morning and we were sure its minutes alive were being counted down. As always we just watch and witness nature play out as it will while recording it with our cameras.

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